To help students afford a graphing calculator for a class or two, without having to spend over $100.


Calculator Genie was formed in realization of how expensive a graphing calculator is when you buy it for a class or two. More often than not, you won’t be using it after those classes. A graphing calculator would cost at least $100-$120. Not a lot of students can afford to buy a new one, even a used graphing calculator would cost at least $80-$90, and it is still expensive! A lot of students are working to support themselves throughout college, and we understand how challenging it is to go to school and go to work before or after classes.

We thought, why buy a new or used graphing calculator to use in just one class or two, if you can just rent one? Here we are at your service! We’ll make it easy for you to rent and affordable to rent. You can choose from any of the 6 Texas Instrument graphing calculators, choose your rental terms, use your credit card at checkout, we will ship it to you for free and make sure you return it before your rental term ends.